Thursday, April 23, 2009

Big Boy

Colin is getting so big. He crawls super fast and is pulling himself up to everything. He thinks that he is such a big boy. He gets mad at me when I treat him like a baby.

This just breaks my heart everytime. He wasn't so happy about getting his picture taken. I found out later he had an ear infection (boy do I feel like a terrible mother). He is too good natured that I can't tell when something is wrong, he's always smiling and laughing.

Eating a Cheerio.

Getting happier.

My little angel is the sweetest thing. He gives kisses to mommy and most recently, daddy, and loves watching sports and being outside.
My sister-in-law Cori took all these wonderful pictures. She is really talented. Check out her blog at

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Cori said...

It was fun taking those pictures. I have my new light now so I'd love to try it again. Colin's so adorable.