Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Merry Christmas

Once again, it has been awhile. Sorry. I can't believe the new year is already here and I'm about to pop with a new baby. So far everything is going great, but it probably won't be much longer till we have a little girl around.
Colin is getting cuter everyday. He's started throwing tantrums, but if this is what the terrible twos are going to be like, I'll take it! He is still such an angel.

He's licking his fingers while eating a chocolate cupcake. I know I spoil him. He is still a great eater and he is getting so big, but he is still a very skinny boy.

Colin loves to think that he is a grown up. Here him and daddy are working on their homework (actually just daddy is), but Colin is so happy to be doing anything like daddy.
Drew, Ash and the boys came and stayed over at my parents house for Christmas. Colin loved having his cousins to play with. Especially Mac, who calls him "Colly Wolly" and Colin loves to follow him around. They are watching Thomas together on Colin's little TV.Everybody loves a good dance party. Ben and Annie took the three boys into the front room and turned on some music, and they went wild. After awhile just about everybody joined them and we had a big dance party. Colin was into it the most. He loves to dance.

Mac started adding dance moves like tackling his brother Gray and then Gray would get up and immeadiately tackle Colin, who didn't think it was as fun. It was great to have them around for Christmas.

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