Friday, July 2, 2010

So Colin is now 2, Jennsen is 5 months, and me and Ben have been married for 4 years! Wow! Anybody want to tell me how lucky I am? No need. I feel lucky! Ben's great and the kids are wonderful. Colin and Jennsen are both angels from heaven. Colin is so funny as he is getting older. Just the other day I asked him to give me a kiss and he grabbed my face between his little hands and kissed me right on the face, he's got so much personality. Jennsen has found her toes and has two of her teeth.

Jennsen loves attention, especially from her daddy.
Colin loves outside, and anyone who will take him.
So these are my angels. They are really funny and great to be around.

Does anyone else think of Ben? :)

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Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember coming to meet the family at your guys wedding. and your mom put me to work. oh good memories!