Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Family

Here we are. Busy. But very happy. Colin is two and a half and Jennsen is nine months. Jennsen wants to be grown up already, and is getting very close to start walking. These two play very well together.
Jennsen and mommy. I don't take many pictures of just me and my kids, I just adore Jennsen's little face, in this picture. She has no shortage of smiles.
I think this picture is so funny. You can tell how much they look like each other. Jennsen has started giving daddy kisses and giggles like crazy when they play together.
For halloween Colin went as a little 30's-40's guy. (I don't know exactly, he was just cute) It took a little while before he got excited about it but when he did, he was good at it, and got lots of candy and compliments. Jennsen went as a dalmation puppy, I don't have a good picture of her in costume because she kept taking off the ears and eating them, and they weren't eatable. (you can see her crawling around in the background here)
We were taking pictures of Jennsen, and Colin thought we needed more pictures of him so he jumped in front of the camera. Jennsen wasn't so happy about the focus being taken away from her. These two really do get along great. They are so funny together.

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