Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ben's Birthday Party/Halloween Celebration

So because Ben's Birthday comes the day after Halloween we often celebrate his birthday with costumes :) This year we had a Birthday party, in costume and went outside to pick the Apple Trees clean. It was a riot.
Daddy opening presents.

Jennsen helping us pick apples by using one of the buckets as a hat, and eating a doughnut. She is so helpful :)

When we headed outside to pick apples, Jennsen stopped by the garage to have a ride on the lawn-mower. She is the prettiest Fairy-Bug that ever did yard work.

Colin went to the party as a Newsie.

Do you think they look alike?

Ben's brother Scott was dressed as a Logan Farmer. We found all kinds of overgrown vegetables when we went to pick apples so Scott gladly modeled them for us. This is a raddish.

A pumpkin/tomato (yep a pumpkin and tomato baby, not on purpose). Ben really did take a few bites out of it. It wasn't very good.

Another Raddish.

This is what inspired taking pictures of vegatables. Scott and Julie gave Ben this for his birthday. What is it you ask? It's an "Heirloom Blue Hubbard Squash". What?! Yep. Scott and Julie stopped by a roadside vegatable stand and saw this (by far the ugliest thing they saw) and immediately bought it for Ben. After they got in the car they realized they had no idea what it was so they went back and asked. An "Heirloom Blue Hubbard Squash". It's supposed to have a great shelf life.



Ashlee said...

Happy birthday ben- love the beard!

Aunt Amy said...

Happy birthday Ben! I personally think the radish is uglier than the squash, but what do I know? Love you all!