Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Monkey Strangler

Yes our son likes to strangle this monkey. But you have to give him some credit. He thought that the monkey stole his dad and the monkey just laughed maniacally everytime we pressed its foot, so it resorted to strangling until daddy came home from work. Now Colin just eats the monkeys foot whenever he gets a chance.
New things Colin likes:
1. Sucking on everything
2. Watching Daddy do anything; eating, dressing, reading, talking, etc. . .
3. Listening to mommy read The Hobbit
4. Speaking as much gibberish as possible
5. Horsey rides
6. Flying
7. Holding his own bottle
8. Early morning (he doesn't cry, he's just happy)
9. Getting his diaper changed (always a favorite)
10. Outside


Cori said...

Cute, he's growing up so fast! I need to see him again.

Roo said...

I can't believe how big he is getting. HEy I am going private with my blog. if you want me to add you e-mail me at