Saturday, September 27, 2008

Colin's 4th Monthiversary

So Colin James just turned 4 months old recently. We went to the doctor and he told us that Colin's development is going wonderfully. He should only be 2 1/2 months old right now since he was born 6 weeks early. But he is almost as developed as a normal 4 month old baby. He is 25 inches long which is average for 4 months, he weighs 14 lbs (27 percentile for his age), and his head is in the 75 percentile (not a big surprise). He is smiling and laughing a lot, he sleeps through the night already (yay!) and he always smiles when he wakes up. Such a happy healthy boy. He sure has come a long way.

Here he is in the hospital. So many tubes and IV's. Poor little guy. He spent 4 weeks in the hospital.

After we got home. He looks so much like mommy.

Let's face it. He is definately his daddy's boy.

So that's our little angel. He is getting so big, too fast. Where does the time go? We sure are lucky to have him and we coudn't be happier.


Cori said...

So cute! I love that picture of him smiling. We're definitely going to have to come out and visit you guys so we can see him (and you guys of course too).

Ashlee said...

Cute post!!! I'm sure glad he's here too! It's amazing how far he's come. What a champ!
Can't wait until Mac,Gray and Colin have some serious bonding time. Emma can come too.