Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Birthday Boy

This is a little late but Colin turned 1 on May 21st! Yeah! He weighs almost 23 lbs and is just a little underweight for his age, but he is tall and still has a big head to make up for it. He is almost walking. He stands up all the time and plays with toys or dances but he just doesn't want to move without holding our hands. He got a little fire truck for his birthday that he likes to push around and I think that has helped with his ability to walk.

Colin is not much into cake. This is him being skeptical of me putting messy food in front of him and expecting him to eat.
Once he tried it he was a little happier but didn't eat much. He liked the taste but not the texture.He tried to share with everyone because that's what we do with him. The trick was to clean him up before he wanted to share his cake with the carpet and camera.
We truly are lucky to have such a good boy. Happy 1st Birthday Colin!

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Ashlee said...

Cute pictures!!! We loved spending time with you last month. We only wish we could have seen a little more of you.