Friday, July 24, 2009


Colin is an eating machine. Just the other day we had chedderwursts for dinner. I cut up one for Colin knowing that I would have to help him finish it and when I pulled out a hogi roll to cut up he got mad at me for not giving him the whole thing, so I did knowing that I would probably end up throwing half of it away as a slobbery mess. Colin ate the entire roll and all but a bite of the chedderwurst and then topped it off with a serving of fruit. And yet he is still a pretty skinny little boy, but plenty healthy.
Colin will eat his fill and then when we take him out of his highchair he will come and demand that we feed him what we are eating too. He is quite the character.

Colin found a bag of fruit bits in his diaper bag. This is him challenging me to get mad at him after I found a strawberry/banana mess all over the kitchen and him.

We found out during his birthday parties that Colin was not a big fan of cake, that was until we tried chocolate cupcakes. This is Colin reaching for more off of mommy's plate.We keep trying new things with Colin. This is Colin eating spaghetti. He loves it. I hesitate to give it to him because he makes such a mess (almost as bad as when he eats fried rice, which is another favorite), but seeing his happy face is enough for me to let him have it.
Bath time for Colin. He loves his bath too, which is good because after eating he usually needs one.

Colin loves his daddy. We've noticed a lot of similarities between the two. Besides looks and similar childhood personalities, Colin loves my mom's homemade grapejuice, peaches, and having his back stracthed. Colin just recently has decided that he needs to cuddle with Daddy before going to sleep, and Daddy has to scratch his back.

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