Friday, April 6, 2012

A Family of Characters

These are the characters that I have to put up with :), these two are pretty funny. If your wondering what that picture of Colin in a stroller on a bed is, well we found him like that. And, yes, it is a doll stroller. He set it up on the bed and had a seat. Life is good when you hang out with kids like this! Colin can now spell his own name and he can spell Dad. We are now working on spelling Mom and Jennsen. Jennsen wants to spell too, and she is getting pretty good. She tries to spell her own name, which according to her is spelled Jencnn. So she is suprisingly close.


Aunt Amy said...

They're getting so big and cuter by the day! Smarter too! Miss you all,

Ashlee said...

You guys are great parents. your kids are well loved and are learning a ton!