Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Naughty or Nice?!

So.... you are probably wondering why Jennsen is making this face.....
Yep. Jennsen bit the head off of this styrofoam duck. Jennsen can be a sweetie pie but every now and then she does something that makes you're eyebrows furrow in confusion.
But here she is being as sweet and cute as can be. I was getting ready for a play and Jennsen shows up like this at the doorway and says "Bye, Mommy." Apparently she was going somewhere.
See, they are being so sweet and hugging each other. Right before I took this picture Jennsen was sitting on the coach and there was a scary part of the movie so Colin came and sat behind her and gave her a hug to make sure she was safe.
And here is Colin taking a nap after reading a book. (He's not wearing a shirt cause we were working on potty-training that day).
Overall I feel like I got pretty lucky with these two. They are so sweet and mello.

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Aunt Amy said...

They are adorable. Hope to see them soon! Love you