Sunday, September 14, 2008

So what do you think?

So Vernal. We have been living in a fleetwood bounder motorhome for the last few months and I gotta say,"We use all 34 ft" It really is a nightmare. We are hoping to move into a house this fall, we shall see how that pans out.
So I was at the local Taco Bell the other day, and The girl in the drive thru called me hon. "Just a sec hon" and " there you go hon" Needless to say it infuriated me. I was so upset about it I promptly called my brother Hal. I explained to him how I felt it was very condescending of a fourteen year old girl working in the drive thru to call someone, who is obviously older than her hon. I would have even had a hard time with it if we were the same age. But more than the word hon was the tone used while saying it. She said it the way you would expect a desperate spinster would say it to a kid in a candy store. Well while I was on the phone with Hal, he was very sympathetic. I called him the next day to complain some more while I was waiting to order in the drive thru at KFC. ( I eat a lot of fast food out here) And as I brought up the instance from the day before, guess who is at the window? The same girl that was at the Taco Bell the night before. As I sat there in shock I realized that this was my opportunity to bring this girl to justice. I had the face to face that I had been craving, an opportunity to tell this girl exactly how it made me feel when she had treated me with such disrespect, and with Hal on the phone to boot. But before I could utter a word, she handed out a 12 peice legs andf thigh meal and said," Anything else I can get you hon " well, I was so furious I couldn't make a noise for the risk of actually murdering her on the spot. But I did have a chance to renew my rant with my kind and patient brother. THat is Vernal for ya. Literally two resterants two consecutive days two consecutive meals. Same drive thru employee. I miss Salt Lake and the anonimitity.
We often get in fist fights that last for up to five hours. Colin always manages to win.

So this is a picture of Colin and his coz Emma. They sure are cute.

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Cori said...

Funny story! I hate it when people call me hon too! Loved the pictures of Colin, what a little sweetheart. Its so fun to have cousins so close together.