Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The walk to cure the diabetically oppressed, or the Walk to Cure Diabetes.2008

Thank you to everyone that came and supported us this year! We had fun, but there is always work to be done so help us raise funds so that Amy's lifestyle can be better. see you all next year!

Here are the McCallister boys. So handsome. The McCallister's store Tai Pan is a big sponser every year.

This is the macarena baby. The only way I know how. Sexy.

We thought that this was a little bit effective. We had Colin 6 weeks premature due to complications that the doctors have linked to diabetes. So Colin posing with this sign(which was originally a joke) had some significance.

This one softens it up a bit.

Kyle and Michelle Stoddard our dear friends came with their son Brayden who is 1 yeart old. This was their first year. Sam and Kat Nelson, who are siblings on either side of Ben's Mullet. They may have been twice now. We have the best friends in the world.

Bruce and Jed setting a fever pace. Jed recently ran a 100 mile race in just over a day. So this walk was a breeze for him. Bruce handled it almost as well.

This clown(he is a juggler) was juggling and or dropping pins and balls, and when I asked if Colin and I could get a picture he was truly flattered. Good luck future Elder!

Here are the Melendai. Terry Melendez was a main sponser of the walk, donating $10,000 dollars. Wow. Their team was called the Ally Gators. Ally(gator costume) was diagnosed with type one diabetes 5 months ago.

This isn't real. Yet.

This was a desperate attempt at killing time.

Kyle was excited to be there.

So were Annie and Ben's Mom

Finally some one with a good attitude! Thank you Sam!

Ben's Mom was only interested in it doubling as exercise. People thought that she stole a baby.

Here is the team group picture, minus adam cheri and reesa. For name's see amy.

Again it is hard to believe how cute a little blob of baby can be.


Ashlee said...

I love that diabetes have brought my two families together, Amy's army and Mac's Mates!!

Remember when Drew use to get pushed in the wheelchair and complain that we didn't support research for arthritis? I'm sure you missed that:)

Drew said...

In fairness to me, I brought a whole new perspective to the Walk. I am convinced that had Colin's sign and my wheelchair been there during the same year we would've found that cure.
And I have given up on finding a cure for arthritis...I have met several diabetics that I like, but the Arthrites (people with arthritis) are not a very cordial crowd. I am convinced that God gave us Diabetes to see if we could overcome it, and he gave us arthritis because he liked to see certain people in pain.