Friday, September 12, 2008

What other topic is there? Colin part three. Plus the pregnancy!

Here he is. This kid is full of this stuff. He loves to stick out his tongue, but it is extremely hard to catch him with our camera. So those of you who have instant shutters, be thankful. I can't believe how funny he his becoming. We just came back to Vernal after our second trip to Highland in less than seven days, so Amy, Colin and myself(Ben) were able to visit his brand new cousin Emma Lin Wirig. So he has a little more local competition. But it was fun to see the new addition to the family.

Here is a great picture from when Amy was in the hospital. She was in preterm labor at 30 weeks until Colin was born at 34 weeks. She spent 18 days in the hospital as well as nine at her parets house on bed rest. Here I am comforting her on the third day.

This is two hours before Colin was born. I gave her an ultimatum.

On our many trips to and from the Uintah and Utah counties, we often encounter some breathtaking sights. This was on a trip made in mid-August, and as you can see there was a forest fire raging in Provo canyon. Scary!

Here is Colin with that tongue again. He is definately Amy's son!.

Well, one last cute little picture of our guy. Hope everyone reading is doing well, and we love and miss you all!

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Cori said...

Love pictures of that kid! Anytime you guys want us to babysit let us know, he's was just a little angel the last time.